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I should be on my way to work but just discovered this browser distraction via The Verge. Called Side Quest I love the idea of someone making a fun little game out of the side quests of games. I strongly recommend you have a look while you have a cuppa at some point today. It […]



Oh Super Stardust Delta, can I count the ways? Friends know I am not exactly Sony’s biggest fan. Terribly fluffed launches like the PS 3 one a year after Microsoft with fewer functions and a much higher price tag have left a bad taste and it’s a shame because I adored the original Playstation and […]

Browser based gaming has had a troubled birth. When the developed world took to the web in our millions at the end of the last century those of us working in it eagerly told disbelieving friends and family of the pace of change they could expect. “You’ll buy everything on it … you won’t need […]

“That cruiser looks awesome!” An innocent enough comment. The sort of comment that of a late Thursday games night in the bleak mid winter might sail past you. Innocent, like I said … Except it was not and could never be as innocent as a “comment”. That cruiser _was_ awesome and what’s more the banner […]

Continuing my theme of games I’m late in finally picking up, I played Rayman Origins on the 360 last week as part of our company games night. I love comics and hand drawn art so it has a style that presses all my buttons, a fun setting and a cheeky multiplayer that encourages you to […]

Having not played a proper Resident Evil title since the fourth installment on the Gamecube I am clearly long overdue a fright or two. I really enjoyed Dead Space, another survival horror party that I was very late to, when Steam served that up for a rivet last year. It didn’t just plonk me into […]

I’ve started playing Eve. There, I’ve said it 🙂 I’m enjoying it so far, plenty to do and the universe appears to be vast. I am out and flying and doing missions and so far so good. That’s it really. Just needed to get it out there 🙂