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Photo copyright Mandy Crandell I’ve not actually checked how many times I’ve helped organise the process of getting new wallpapers into Ubuntu but it’s about two a year since some time in 2009 I think, so that’s quite a lot I suppose. It’s been really fun but I’ve noticed in the last couple of cycles that […]

Hello everyone! It’s that time of year. Spring is starting to spring out there and now’s the time to grab a camera, pick up a pencil or wet your brush and start working on wallpaper submissions for this release of Ubuntu. Every six months when a new version of everyone’s favourite free and open-source desktop […]

Podcasting :)


Finally, I’ve managed to get the battery on this phone down to low! 🙂 I’ve taken 6 photos, made a bunch of phone calls, learned about Vivaldi on Radio 3, listened to podcasts and sent texts. I’ve done it all increasingly quickly as that old muscle memory wakes up and I really don’t feel I’ve […]

Welcome to the world of tomorrow! 🙂 I’m very pleased to be kicking off the next wallpaper selection process for the 14.04 release of Ubuntu coming to us fresh in April. Each release we like to include photos and illustrations produced by Ubuntu enthusiasts who are keen to see the best free and open desktop […]

It’s getting to that time again. The next release of the Ubuntu desktop is under development and I’d like to propose that we get cracking on finding some fantastic backdrops to go into the release. This time I thought it would be good to specify some theme or common thread to help this set of […]

  The community team for wallpaper selection got together last week #1304wallpaper on Freenode and between us we’ve determined that we’d like to submit the following images as our delightful wallpaper selection for 13.04. Many thanks to everyone who came to discuss options and help with the selection and in particular those who highlighted that […]