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  I first saw this the other morning when I charged the phone for the first time and it’s a pretty cool idea. Your device is telling you that your charger doesn’t need to be constantly attached. It’s like someone was given the time to sit and think about how something was being used, and […]

It’s quite cool using Bluetooth to get files on and off 🙂  

Day three


I’ve thrown myself into my feature phone early 00s lifestyle experiment with gusto and so far, it’s fun. Good: – Having a radio to listen to when you’ve run out of podcasts – Sending texts using predictive text – Not having had to charge it yet – It’s small and light – Love the blue […]

Our story begins in Lymington, in the South of England. It’s last weekend and I’m in a shop buying an iPhone 5S for my Grandma. For someone in a constant state of love with technology it was unusual finding myself in a shop buying a phone that’s a good 2 generations better than mine, an […]

4 days ago we welcomed someone new into our lives. A tiny internet connected printer named Poppet, Poppet is a given name, the one I gave it. The Little Printer is an invention of some delightfully clever people over at a company called Berg. I know some of them from previous lives and have wanted […]

Browser based gaming has had a troubled birth. When the developed world took to the web in our millions at the end of the last century those of us working in it eagerly told disbelieving friends and family of the pace of change they could expect. “You’ll buy everything on it … you won’t need […]

“That cruiser looks awesome!” An innocent enough comment. The sort of comment that of a late Thursday games night in the bleak mid winter might sail past you. Innocent, like I said … Except it was not and could never be as innocent as a “comment”. That cruiser _was_ awesome and what’s more the banner […]