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Ubuntu was once described to me by a wise(ish 😉 ) man as a train that was leaving whether you’re on it or not. That’s the beauty of a 6 month release cycle. As many of you will already know, each release we include photos and illustrations produced by community members. We ask that you submit your […]

Each cycle we get together as a community to select some fine default wallpapers for the new release of Ubuntu. Your pictures and illustrations could be in the 13.10!

Anyone straying near my Flickr stream will know that I am enjoying instant photography at the moment. I have played with the Impossible film with my SX-70 and am in total love with my Instax mini camera. Yesterday I tried to take pictures in the winter wonderland near work. The snow is so bright it […]

I love taking pictures. I do it a lot, probably too much in fact, but one of the things I really like about digital photography is the idea that I could record where a photo was taken. This is what my pictures look like when they’re all nicely geotagged 🙂 It means that I get […]

With the Ubuntu wallpaper submissions, a new camera and the longer days I’m finding that I’m taking A LOT of pictures again and I am in total love with Darktable, the photo editor that has recently hit V1.0 and is available to download for free in Ubuntu. It’s fast, powerful and I’m tweaking my photos […]

So sorting through the images for the wallpapers has started in earnest and I thought I’d share some of my favourites because I’m blown away by some of these images. I’ve made a small gallery but there are limits on the number of images you can have in a gallery so you can also see more […]

This blog post on JPG reminded me of a blog post that I really wanted to write and don’t really have time to write properly about moving pictures. I love the idea of using video to convey more than a still image can. The following films I think do this. They have moments of stillness […]