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Just a quick post to let you all know that the community contributors and myself have proposed some wallpapers for inclusion in the next release of Ubuntu! The compressed image file has been added to the correct bug on Launchpad – and hopefully will be picked up and popped in shortly! I’d like to […]

Since we closed the group on Flickr, a team of crack wallpaper viewers have been going through the submissions and picking out the ones we like. We’re getting close to having a selection of images but as with all of these things we’re being somewhat held up by the supply of images from selected contributors […]

4 days ago we welcomed someone new into our lives. A tiny internet connected printer named Poppet, Poppet is a given name, the one I gave it. The Little Printer is an invention of some delightfully clever people over at a company called Berg. I know some of them from previous lives and have wanted […]

Each cycle we get together as a community to select some fine default wallpapers for the new release of Ubuntu. Your pictures and illustrations could be in the 13.10!

Quantal is well on the way to being the great release we’ve come to expect from Ubuntu so it’s time to add to that sheen with a set of quality wallpapers from our fantastic community. This cycle we’re going to try to make the process better than before by setting out a clearer vision for […]

I decided towards the end of 2010 that I would like to stay in more meaningful contact with my friends in 2011. I love to talk and writing and phoning seemed like a good way to do this and at the same time I came across this post from Berg in London on a new […]

I tried, I really did, and for what it’s worth Evolution I’m sorry. I really wanted to like you. I prefer your appearance in fact and that usually sways me – see the HTC Hero debacle of 2009 – but the fact remains that I can’t make you 1. Auto Filter my mail – I […]