Day three



I’ve thrown myself into my feature phone early 00s lifestyle experiment with gusto and so far, it’s fun.

– Having a radio to listen to when you’ve run out of podcasts
– Sending texts using predictive text
– Not having had to charge it yet
– It’s small and light
– Love the blue
– Customised shortcuts
– I’ve sent email – GMail setup was really simple and works!

– Contacts sync is a mystery – although I’ve not tried very hard 🙂
– I’ve added some MP3s that it seems to not want to play. Added them via the phone cable instead of removing the memory card … more investigation needed.
– I can’t guarantee I’ll have access to email so my booking code for the cinema got written on a post-it


One Response to “Day three”

  1. challenge… try fairphone 🙂 I need android lessons!

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