Like minded people from all over the world


Forever by Shady A. Šahinović

I wanted to share a part of this releases wallpaper story because I think it sums up really nicely what’s great about people getting together and making something like Ubuntu.

Every 6 months we get together and take submissions from community members to try and add something fresh to the release and allow people who can’t fix bugs in code to add something creative. Sometimes, unfortunately, people submit images that don’t belong to them. This means we can’t include them in the release and it’s frustrating because in trying to create a set that works together sometimes losing that one image makes a big difference.

This time we managed to track down the owner of one of those images and I’m excited to say that Shady has been kind enough to let us use his image, it’s the gorgeous night sky that welcomed you to this blog post.

An Albanian who travels a lot and with a keen eye for a great picture he’s exactly the kind of person with no prior knowledge of open-source and Ubuntu we aim to attract. He is excited to be a part of our movement and share his work with millions of users around the world.

It’s really a pleasure to meet people like you who are interested in my work and I consider it as a great opportunity for me to contribute “even with the tiniest bit” in this awesome software. I want to thank you for giving me such great chance to spread my work. – Shady S.

I’m very pleased we got to include his image and am excited that I live in a time where boundaries of time and place don’t stop complete strangers collaborating – I’m in Boston as I write this, for example! 🙂

Here’s to a great release, to the dev team being kind enough to sneak this in at the last minute (I hope) and to being able to tell a lovely story.


One Response to “Like minded people from all over the world”

  1. I really like this image. I just set it as my wallpaper on my phone. Thank you for sharing, Shady.

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