Just over 24hrs to go!

Ubuntu wallpaper by josveraalcivar on Flickr

Ubuntu wallpaper by josveraalcivar on Flickr


It’s all about the pressing deadlines in the world of Ubuntu at the moment! On the one hand we await with baited breath the end of the Ubuntu Edge campaign, which I’ve backed incidentally, and for compelling reasons for you to do so head over to Ivanka’s blog post on the matter.

More pressing is the deadline for submissions to the Flickr wallpaper group for Ubuntu 13.10. If you’re on the fence and can’t decide what to submit, well now’s the time! You’ve got until 6pm tomorrow, London time, to get your entry in!

After that the group is locked for submissions and me and dedicated others from the community will start to sift through the entries. You will find us chatting about them on freenode in #1310wallpaper. There are some beautiful images and great illustrations in this round of submissions. It’s going to be tough to pick but a few.

Thanks for your contribution if you’ve already provided an image, we in the community salute you! To those of you yet to get an image in, happy cropping and hurry yerselves up! 🙂


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