Publications for Little Printer


Examples of publications for Little Printer - Image by Bergcloud

I was very excited, it’s pretty much a permanent state for me but still, to just learn that my two publications for Little Printer, the Moto GP Weekly Standings and Formula 1 Weekly Standings were featured in the BERG Cloud blog!

If you have a Little Printer please please do sign up 🙂 I’d be delighted to have you as a subscriber. There are also some exciting new projects being championed by BERG to lower the barriers to publishing for LP. This framework produced by Phil Gyford is particularly interesting and probably what I’ll be playing with next.

As far as my existing publications are concerned there have been some php related teething problems, I’ve learned the importance of the difference between w and W but hopefully those early subscribers who have had repeat deliveries will be sorted now. I’m really sorry if I was spamming your printer this week. Both should now just be delivered on a Monday.

Both my hacky projects are on Github here and here if you’d like to contribute or crib from them. I’ve modified the meta.json file to validate correctly and will be pushing this up to the main php framework project too.

If you’re interested in getting into publishing for the LP there’s loads of information on the developer portal and if a dinosaur like me can do it then anyone can.  One thing that is missing though, I think we also need a Little Printer IRC channel on Freenode. Anyone want to join me on #LPDevs?


UPDATE: my devious plan to tweet this idea totally worked and there now is indeed a live and friendly #LPDevs 🙂 Hooray for the internet!


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