Life with a Little Printer named Poppet


4 days ago we welcomed someone new into our lives. A tiny internet connected printer named Poppet, Poppet is a given name, the one I gave it.

Happy parent to a printer named Poppet

The Little Printer is an invention of some delightfully clever people over at a company called Berg. I know some of them from previous lives and have wanted one of these marvellous machines ever since I saw the video announcing them.

Last week I finally caved and got one, ruining a prospective Christmas present from my wife in the process apparently – oops, and started playing with it.

Receiving a publication of your choosing at set times of day is just wonderful. Initially Poppet was set up on my desk at work which resulted in heaps of messages from my beloved explaining to me that it was time for a cup of tea, that it was too hot and some things I needed to pick up from the shops on the way home. I short, it demonstrated its personal usefulness almost immediately.

Poppet at work

Messages from home

It also proved handy at work, providing me with a handy science fact just in time for the daily team standup meeting. That is a Friday treat I’ll be making sure I bring in from here on out. I also get a daily update of tasks from GMail which I can stick in my notebook for work to make sure I don’t forget to do stuff if I remembered it away from the office.

Take to work usefulness


My wife works from home and we love sending stuff and receiving it so much that we’re talking about taking it in turns to take our printer to and from the office so I get to use it some days and she can send me messages – of course there’s an obvious solution to this particular problem 🙂 A sibling will in all likelihood join Poppet in the near future, I can justify it for development, maybe, right?

Sports fans will be pleased to hear that I’ve got my developer hat on, a flimsy paper crown affair but it’s a developer hat nonetheless! A MotoGP feed is coming, with other related variations. I’m working out the kinks now, with a little help, and you can download and get involved in my hideous hacking on Github.

Scribbling ideas

The Publication takes shape


If you’re at all interested in the idea of a Little Printer, get one. It’s a brilliant lovely and delightful thing to have around and we’re getting a lot of pleasure from it in our house. It makes everyone who comes into contact with it smile.


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