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    A quick update for all you wallpaper junkies out there 🙂 At 6pm UK time on Friday the Flickr group closed and myself and a few brave souls began the process of sorting through the images submitted by contributors around the world.  We’re getting close to having a selection of images and there […]

  It’s all about the pressing deadlines in the world of Ubuntu at the moment! On the one hand we await with baited breath the end of the Ubuntu Edge campaign, which I’ve backed incidentally, and for compelling reasons for you to do so head over to Ivanka’s blog post on the matter. More pressing […]

I was very excited, it’s pretty much a permanent state for me but still, to just learn that my two publications for Little Printer, the Moto GP Weekly Standings and Formula 1 Weekly Standings were featured in the BERG Cloud blog! If you have a Little Printer please please do sign up 🙂 I’d be […]

10 days to go!


  Right! We have 10 days until the Flickr group closes for this cycle! I know there are some of you out there thinking about submitting images so get ’em in! 🙂 If you have any questions don’t forget you can find us on freenode on #1310wallpaper or on the Flickr group itself. Don’t be […]

4 days ago we welcomed someone new into our lives. A tiny internet connected printer named Poppet, Poppet is a given name, the one I gave it. The Little Printer is an invention of some delightfully clever people over at a company called Berg. I know some of them from previous lives and have wanted […]

We’re getting into the couple of weeks of this cycle’s wallpaper process and the group is filling up nicely. There are some fantastic pictures in there but there’s still room for plenty more. You can also hear a bit more about this cycle’s wallpaper process on Ubuntu UK podcast! I was lucky enough to be […]