From 3,075 to less than 30


The wallpaper submissions process for Ubuntu 12.04 is now into its next phase. On the 15th March at 1800 we locked the group so no more submissions could be accepted and the following Flickr members whose images were shortlisted last time – although not necessarily in the final ISO due to size limitations – have very kindly offered to help whittle down the 3,075 images to a set for the 12.04 release. 

A huge thank you in advance then to:

  • madeinkobaia
  • SirPecanGum
  • bolorino
  • Deacon MacMillan
  • Noah Bertilson
  • Micheo
  • Fix Peña
  • Fejes Ádám
  • federica_miglio
  • Difusa
  • Hugo.Cliff
  • Mohamed Malik
  • Dh0r
  • paco • espinoza
  • pr09studio
  • Belhor_
  • Emilio Merlino

We’ve also invited:

  • erin_estes
  • j_baer
  • fernando garcía redondo
  • followtheseinstructions

But they’ve not yet accepted the group invitation so if you’re reading this head over to the group! 🙂 The precise instructions are in the group but they best way to sort through these images is to divide them up into groups and give a set number to each volunteer. We’ll go through them and then on Tuesday evening sort through the shortlist and prepare a package to get onto launchpad and into the release on Wednesday. Whilst that doesn’t give us much of a buffer a day should be plenty of time to refine a package of images and get them into a release – advance warning to Sladen as he’s going to be the one getting a zip file of images 😉 

Wish us luck! 🙂


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