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With the Ubuntu wallpaper submissions, a new camera and the longer days I’m finding that I’m taking A LOT of pictures again and I am in total love with Darktable, the photo editor that has recently hit V1.0 and is available to download for free in Ubuntu. It’s fast, powerful and I’m tweaking my photos […]

For another cycle a selection of images has been put forward for inclusion in Ubuntu. As there have been some questions on other blogs about the process I thought it was worth doing a quick refresher. Each release we ask the community contributors whose images were included in the last release if they’d like to […]

So sorting through the images for the wallpapers has started in earnest and I thought I’d share some of my favourites because I’m blown away by some of these images. I’ve made a small gallery but there are limits on the number of images you can have in a gallery so you can also see more […]

The wallpaper submissions process for Ubuntu 12.04 is now into its next phase. On the 15th March at 1800 we locked the group so no more submissions could be accepted and the following Flickr members whose images were shortlisted last time – although not necessarily in the final ISO due to size limitations – have […]

All the way back in January we kicked off the submissions process for the next released of Ubuntu. We did this using Flickr and since then the group has been inundated with over 2,700 submissions! This is an incredible achievement in a reasonably short time and many of the entries are looking great. Charline, on […]