Precisely how we’re going to make the wallpapers in 12.04 the best ever!


Precise Pangolin artwork

As developers all over the world sink their teeth into the new features for the next release of Ubuntu it’s time to get out our cameras, brushes and pencils out and start creating the images that will make up the wallpapers for the next release. 12.04 will be an LTS so the same super high quality that the teams delivering the desktop experience are working to should inspire us to make this the best wallpaper set we’ve released yet!

As usual there is a group on Flickr set up for your submissions – Precise Pangolin wallpaper submissions group. Simply upload your pictures to Flickr – accounts are free – and again as usual the contributors who were selected last time will be the ones asked to choose from the final selection of images. For guidance around what might make appropriate content, image resolutions to be used and the like check out the Ubuntu Artwork team wiki page on wallpapers.

You can see from the Pangolin Release Schedule that the development process is well under way so  we’ll be accepting entries until March 15th 18:00 UK time with a view to choosing the images and getting them into the release the following week as the Beta Freeze closes. Questions are welcome on my iain at ubuntu dot com address or on IRC in #ubuntu-design where you’ll find me, like-minded community members and Canonical’s designers.

So get snapping, sketching and painting! 🙂

View of Kinloch Rannoch in Scotland


12 Responses to “Precisely how we’re going to make the wallpapers in 12.04 the best ever!”

  1. No submissions via deviantArt? No request to repost the news to the 1041 members of the Ubuntu-Artists deviantArt group?

    Disappointing community interaction.

    • 2 Iain Farrell

      Hi Martin

      Sorry to hear you’re dissatisfied with the kick off process. We’re running this in the same way as we have in 3 previous releases because Flickr is a vibrant community of artists and the tool works well from a review point of view. You’ll recall that some members of the artwork team wanted to set up another solution back in 2009/ 2010 but that hasn’t been forthcoming so I was opting to keep it simple and utilise a process that has given us a high quality result and has proven straight forward to manage.

      As we’d talked in the past about using other tools I mailed the newly launched Ubuntu Design list to see if anyone had any other thoughts for this release before I contacted the design team and kicked something off. That was the email you replied to saying that my proposal sounded “like fun” so I’m confused as to why you’re responding like this.

      Let’s put this particular disappointing community interaction behind us and see who we need to talk to in order to get the message out more widely 🙂

      • 3 Yaseen Noorani

        Would have been nice to have a Deviantart group to post to as well

      • 4 Iain Farrell

        Hey Yaseen

        In the past we had one – I think back in 10.04 – and it wasn’t a great system in which to manage content coming in. As I said to Martin, there’s nothing to stop those guys from submitting images to Flickr and if we want to use it in future if you’re up for managing that process through then let’s talk about it for the next release 🙂

      • Iain – Since you didn’t manage the deviantArt submissions, I did, I can’t see how you can really say if it’s a great or not a great place to accept submissions at all.

        History shows that the wallpaper contest was run and the submissions on deviantArt were ignored and no apology for this major oversight was ever given.

        Since it was so easy to throw away weeks of work it’s unlikely I’ll run the dA submission process again and you can see why I didn’t fight very hard on the issue. But that’s no reason to assume the news can’t be aggregated to inform artists about the opportunity. I received no such email or message.

      • 6 Iain Farrell

        Hi Martin

        When Ivanka, Ken and I looked at Deviant art back in the 9.11 release it looked like a poor tool for managing submissions and we wanted to reach out beyond people who were open-source users to an audience who might never have heard of Ubuntu but would like to contribute. If you think that there are community members who are missing out then let’s talk to those people and if they simply can’t use Flickr let’s explore options for getting people involved and make sure their entries can be seen. The Wednesday night IRC meetings might be good for this? I’m not advocating the exclusion of anyone, I’m kicking off the process using a tool that has worked many times for us, has delivered high quality images both photographic and illustrated and am following through on a plan you responded positively to on a group email. Whatever we do though, we have to focus on delivering. Ubuntu is a train in motion and it leaves whether we’re on it or not so that’s why I think it’s lower risk for us to look at alternatives a cycle ahead so as not to disrupt this LTS. That ensured that Natty for example still had a high quality result while we were trying other things.

        Instead of an extended thread of comments why don’t we catch up on IRC or email? I can forward you the response you sent to my message on the 2nd January and you can tell me how progress has gone on the truly independent open source solution that was proposed on back in Dallas which wasn’t ready for use in the Natty cycle – although this seems to have now become a fan site to Princess Leia so things have clearly moved on 🙂

  2. 7 DavidW

    I have two questions: What license does the art need to be licensed under? And, how is the artist credited if at all?

    • 8 Iain Farrell

      Hi David

      As in most open-source projects the information you seek is buried in the wiki 😉 – a fine way to hide information these wikis. The images should be Creative Commons Sharealike – – and the creator is credited in the naming of the file and metadata – have a look at the ones in the current release to see how it’s done.

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