Continuing a theme


I started the year with the aim of being more simply connected. I wanted to get the smart phone distractions out of my life and I’m pleased to say that the approach is still working for me. The tablet is the future but not feeling that I have to have the answer to any inane musing at my fingertips all the tIme for me personally provides valuable perspective.

Sadly this not having a phone to stare at meant that not that long ago I found myself staring at one of these.

kawasaki zephyr

A Kawasaki Zephyr. A chap looking not unlike Jason Isaacs pulled up on one outside a place I was eating in and so began what I expected to be a flirting interest in classic bikes again. I’ve been keen on them as a thought ever since I saw this sitting in Borough Market a couple of years ago.

An interest which led me in turn to this video on Deus Ex Machina‘s website and which in turn led me to this.

The DSC Boner

Death Spray Customs were getting rid as they had no room in the garage following the arrival of a lovely Norton Cafe Racer. You can only have one sunny day bike and it would be unkind to expect any man to choose between his pride and joy XS650 and the Norton with its as yet untapped/ unknown potential.

I went along half expecting not to like it, but I did. I expected to find the kick start off putting. On reflection it probably should have been. But before I knew it I had beaten off an Aussie competitor and was riding around on it.

Today it was just too cold to get it started but it’s not kicking me back as much anymore and I have been assured by a fellow 650 owner who I met at the bike meet tonight that it can take months to get the “knack”. He attended his first track day unable to start his bike and had to get help before every session!

So where are we? Well, I’ve had it running but it’s 6.5 degrees today, that’s cold. The noise that my BMW makes on tick over from a cold start tells me this isn’t ideal weather. I must be patient. Keep practising and bide my time.

These are all things I will have to practice along with kicking 🙂


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