Being better connected in 2011


I decided towards the end of 2010 that I would like to stay in more meaningful contact with my friends in 2011. I love to talk and writing and phoning seemed like a good way to do this and at the same time I came across this post from Berg in London on a new phone called John’s Phone.

John's Phone

Made by the John Doe design agency it aims to be a super simple mobile phone. All it does is make calls. That’s it. Put a sim in from any provider (with a 2g network, sorry to people on 3 in the UK) switch it on and you’re up and running in less than a minute. No text messages, no web browsing, just a phone. Imagine that 🙂

Mine arrived over Christmas and I started using it as my phone last week. Things I’ve learned so far.

  • A week of what for me was heavy use I charged last Tuesday and now it sits next to me after an hour nearly full and already able to do another week – 10 days between charges!
  • By comparison I was charging my smartphone to then not use any of its cleverness.
  • Having a fast start up time is good.
  • I check my texts every day or so on my Galaxy Tab. I don’t miss them.
  • The people I’m calling more _seem_ to like it but that may change 😉
  • I think more. When I’m out and people go to the loo or I’m in a queue or waiting for a bus or on the tube I read or think. It’s nice!
  • It was €70 and that shows in the build quality but it’s working and I can easily replace it if I need to.
  • I still love my Windows 7 phone – it was handy when I went on a bike trip at the weekend for the maps and the radio when I run but even on super light usage I’ve had to charge it twice.

I just wanted to get my initial thoughts down. I know a bunch of people who’d be all over this if it did texts. Maybe version 2 could at least display them 🙂 More thoughts later. Here’s an unboxing video so you can see a bit more of John’s phone in action.



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