Dog food update – I’ve had to change brands


I tried, I really did, and for what it’s worth Evolution I’m sorry. I really wanted to like you. I prefer your appearance in fact and that usually sways me – see the HTC Hero debacle of 2009 – but the fact remains that I can’t make you

1. Auto Filter my mail – I get A LOT of bug mail especially close to release and manually running them by pressing CTRL-A to select all and then CTRL-Y doesn’t feel very 21st Century to me.

2. Start new e-mails very quickly – you just seem to wait for ages when I press CTRL-N to create a new message

3. Search my mail folders – you say you’re doing it, but I know you’re not 😦

So after three days I have to copy back my Thunderbird settings and we’re back in familiar tabbed search territory. I feel like I’ve failed but I will be raising bugs and trying again next release …


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