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This is a fabulous little invention especially as I’m a keen cyclist in the city. Nicked from Steve Clayton’s fabulous blog. Advertisements

Today I got another e-mail from a statue. There’s a perfectly normal sentence … This time from a beach where Rick says he’s having an amazing time relaxing after his conference! So what have we learned so far, apart from the fact that an unattended Meerkat is likely to wander off if left for too […]

In Brazil?!


Came in this morning to a mail from Rick, my Meerkat who went for a walk a little while ago. Apparently he was giving a keynote at Linuxcon!! More as I get it …

While I’m not convinced that Sweden will actually win the world cup there’s lots to like about this “five minutes into the future” look at how we might share content and interact with devices in a few years time. I’m setting a reminder in my calendar. I’ll catch you in 5 years, see if we […]

Happy Beta Release day one and all. If you’ve not yet upgraded surely now’s the time 😉

I tried, I really did, and for what it’s worth Evolution I’m sorry. I really wanted to like you. I prefer your appearance in fact and that usually sways me – see the HTC Hero debacle of 2009 – but the fact remains that I can’t make you 1. Auto Filter my mail – I […]