My DesktopAt the end of last week I upgraded to Maverick and blew up my installation of Ubuntu – this happens every release when I say that I’m going to upgrade at Beta and then I get overly excited at Alpha, update early, do something stupid like update to 64-bit instead of 32 and then it all goes pear shaped.

So I thought this time I would document the experience of updating because as I do it I’m trying to switch to the default apps we ship in an effort to Dog Food this update. My mail is now being handled by Evolution instead of Thunderbird and and my chat by Empathy – I was already using this actually over the old default of Pidgin.

Evolution is doing well so far although the filtering seems a little delayed/ manual  – in fact I should admit that my other reason for blogging this is to see whether anyone out there can help me. Empathy is also good but won’t show me my contacts when logged into IRC which is weird – again am assuming this is an early update bug.

Those downers aside the system is quick, dual screen switching seems quicker and the whole thing feels more stable. I also really like the updates to the messaging menu and sound menu.

Have you updated? What issues are you having? Can you explain the Evolution filtering logic to me? 🙂


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