Exactly what you shouldn’t do in the face of competition


I can be accused of drinking the kool-aid in thinking that the latest version of tablets seem like the future of the computer but watch the video below and then we can talk.

Now tell me that you don’t think that the tasks you do every day might not be nicer to perform on a device like that? I take a lot of notes and this sort of thing would be very handy which is why I was so disappointed to read the rumours that Microsoft may have canned the project!

If this is true, this exemplifies why people are dissatisfied with MS. You don’t stop doing something just because someone else is doing it, especially with the resources of someone like Microsoft. This looked like an exciting product and I just hope that collectively some of the nice ideas in here can be pinched so I can use them 🙂


2 Responses to “Exactly what you shouldn’t do in the face of competition”

  1. Parts of this remind me (in some way, but not directly) of Bumptop. I also like the use of a stylus. I think that a stylus and a tablet are a perfect match and allow you to do many more things than using only your finger. An interface that could recognize the difference between those two input methods would be great.

    Sorry it got canceled, too. Microsoft seems to cancel all its great ideas.

  2. Looks very cool but I wonder if it will be years or decades before they fully replace laptops.

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