it’s good to talk


Only a few posts in and our design blog is teeming with lively debate! Don’t forget that you can comment on these posts but if you feel an idea warrants a more open or broad conversation bring them over to the Ayatana mailing list. You can get involved in Ayatana by heading over to its project page on Launchpad.

If you’re new to Ubuntu and free and open source software then you’ll need to acquaint yourself with launchpad to get involved. You can learn more about getting started with Launchpad in the handy help section.

You can also find members of the design team, not to mention other excited contributors to Ubuntu, on Freenode. Point your IRC client at #ayatana to find us. Please do bear in mind that the team is based in London so we’re on UK time and we’re extremely busy so we’ll try and engage with you in a timely fashion but we can’t always get to IRC quickly so please be patient.

Thanks for your involvement so far and we look forward to working with you! 🙂

As a treat for all of you who, like us, eat sleep and breathe IRC here’s a description of what IRC is to share with your friends 😉 Gotta love TV dramas that explain technology!


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