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I can be accused of drinking the kool-aid in thinking that the latest version of tablets seem like the future of the computer but watch the video below and then we can talk. Now tell me that you don’t think that the tasks you do every day might not be nicer to perform on a […]

There will be those of you reading this who will say “only in Japan” and ordinarily I would shy away from that sort of thing but in this case I think you’re right. Cabel Sasser is co-founder of a software company I’ve long admired and found a very interesting place to get a drink while […]

Came across this on the delightful Swissmiss. We are always in the process of reviewing our development processes a both design and technical to keep them Lean and agile and the chap quoted here is Herb Kelleher of Southwest airlines fame. Southwest are renowned for the way that the run their company. Highly responsive to […]

Only a few posts in and our design blog is teeming with lively debate! Don’t forget that you can comment on these posts but if you feel an idea warrants a more open or broad conversation bring them over to the Ayatana mailing list. You can get involved in Ayatana by heading over to its […]