Looking at clouds doesn’t mean daydreaming


The cloud seems to be everywhere at the moment! Our very own Simon Wardley has done a great presentation talking about what Cloud is, and spending some time defining what it isn’t.

In amongst all the enterprise level craziness there’s a few interesting cloud applications that us mere mortals can enjoy. One of these was pointed out to me last night by a mate. It’s called Jolicloud.

Netbooks are the new hotness, we all love these inexpensive little guys and they’re getting to a point where they’re always on, always connected and we will get them so cheaply that they’ll be replaced as often as our socks in a few years time. Jolicloud is build on top of the Ubuntu Netbook Remix and uses that base to build a simple interface to all your favourite web applications. I’ve signed up to the early access programme so we’ll see what comes back but I’m very excited to try it out!

What’s powerful about what they’re making is the idea that I can move from one Jolicloud machine to another without needing to reconfigure apps and settings. I believe that the end goal is to make moving from one machine to another just like those bits in Star Trek where they seamlessly move from Engineering to the Bridge 🙂 Nerdy references aside this is a powerful idea and is popping up all over the place in various forms but the way that they’re focussed so completely on a particular type of device makes me think that they may succeed here.

Keep your eyes on the skies for more exciting innivations!*

*Sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂


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