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I read with interest an article over at which pointed to a Mozilla piece about the complexities of installing applications on the Mac. For those not in the know the way that you install software on the Mac is that you typically get a disk image as a download. When you download this your […]

Big problem just about every project I’ve ever worked on has been the rush to get something out the door. Estimates rarely stack up. Last minute changes and scope creep mean that there’s always more to do than was first thought. However, when it came to Apple’s software I was always impressed by the level […]

The cloud seems to be everywhere at the moment! Our very own Simon Wardley has done a great presentation talking about what Cloud is, and spending some time defining what it isn’t. In amongst all the enterprise level craziness there’s a few interesting cloud applications that us mere mortals can enjoy. One of these was […]

Day 4 dawns at my new place of work! I’m now an employee of Canonical, the people who make Ubuntu Linux. I’m working with the design team and am really excited to get cracking on what I believe is a really important product and set of open source projects. The Unofficial Apple Weblog posted a […]