I have a Hero!


After about 4 days with the Hero from HTC how does it compare for me to my iPhone? Well it’s a tricky comparison because I had 18 months of pleasure from my first generation iPhone and find it to be a fabulous device. The Hero? Well as my interest in Linux and customising of my computing experience has grown so has my interest in devices I can do more with. Things I am loving about this that I couldn’t do with my iPhone:

  • I can copy files to and from it which is handy
  • Charges over standard USB cables
  • I can upgrade the memory without replacing the handset
  • There’s a button I can place on my home screen to turn wi-fi and GPS on and off with a single touch – are you listening Apple?! 🙂

I also have to compliment them on a superb setup process. I am a Flickr, Twitter and Facebook user and all three of my favourite networks are integrated into the phone’s setup process. This means that I’ve not had to add a single contact or profile picture to the phone. I just gave it my GMail sign in details and my calendars, contacts, tweets and Facebook friends are all on the phone and associated with one another. It’s incredibly powerful! The only thing I can see it really lacks is the Apple backup and syncing of apps but the ease of the rest of the configuration has made me very happy so I’m willing to reinstall a few apps if I lose it 🙂

The software feels a little slower than the iPhone and not as polished in places and the device isn’t as nicely designed as the Apple product but I am really enjoying using it and will continue to post little updates.


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