Karmixing it up

Awwww ... Koala :)

Awwww ... Koala 🙂

Bravely/ stupidly I am installing the new Alpha of Ubuntu on my laptop … how will it go? I honestly don’t know but I’m up for it! Yay!

UPDATE: 22:56 16th July

Yeah … it’s busted … back to 9.04 🙂

UPDATE: 15:00 17th July

OK … so I then reinstalled 8.10 and decided I’d update to 9.04 from there. No worries, that worked and then I decided to upgrade Firefox to 3.5. This broke and meant that FF couldn’t connect to the internet and displayed everything in Russian!

So back in the office and left it installing 8.10 again, except now it won’t find the network adaptor … wired or wireless …

So as I type this 8.04 is upgrading to 8.10 which if all goes well will upgrade to 9.04 after that … this is proving to be a bit of a faff … 🙂


One Response to “Karmixing it up”

  1. Another day in the life of an early adopter!
    Shame that your experience wasn’t super-slick, but I’m sure that it will improve.

    Firefox resorting to Russian is just comedy gold.

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