Firefox “Reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated”


This image pinched from an article on how to grow your very own recreate the Firefox logo seemed appropriate as I eat crow, chew on my words and generally back pedal more furiously than an MP trying to justify the cleaning of his moat with taxpayers money.

Yesterday I blogged about how awesome Opera was and it’s true that at the time I liked it a lot. I was feeling particularly utilitarian! The fact that I could store e-mail, browse and read feeds in one application was a compelling and powerful thing to a person wanting to only run one application when only one is needed. However, I briefly opened Firefox today because my bank’s website wasn’t working properly and one thing struck me the moment I opened it.

“It looks so clean!”

I’d allowed myself to get carried away and forgotten the one thing I really like about Firefox and that’s its integration into the environment I’m using. It’s actually rather lovely and now I find myself wholesale back in the Mozilla camp. Thunderbird is back on the system and even tricked out with a ton of add ons to make my calendars all sync up nicely and I have to say that while Opera has been an extraordinary and efficient place to visit I’m not sure I can live there. It’s a efficient at the expense of flow. I miss flow and I think ultimately having separate applications for certain tasks is probably a good thing as it will help keep me focused on one thing at a time.

Tune in again soon for my blog entry on Mandriva and why it’s the mutt’s nuts … only kidding 😉


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