A night with the Opera


Too many to choose from

As part of setting up my new ultra portable I wanted to keep my mail and news feeds on the machine for when I’m not near wifi or on a 3G connection. The problem is, as always with Linux. there are a ton of options. I started with the traditional Firefox and Thunderbird combination. A noble pairing but one which felt a bit clunky. Looking through my Flickr pictures I was reminded of Mr Hicks – designer of the aforementioned Firefox logo, who now works for Opera.

Opera 9.6 It turns out that lots has happened to Opera since I last turned it on. It now sports a mail reader, feed reader and a crazy fast rendering engine. It’s made my little laptop fly and the features for switching tabs and viewing content offline are really very good.

One application for most of the things I use my computer for seems like quite an efficient use of resources. Not only that, it’s faster loading and performing than what I was using before.  The mail client also sports an interesting feature called “Low bandwidth mode”. This is especially handy if, like me, you use a 3G dongle for accessing mail  from time to time and you have limited bandwidth.

I’m enjoying my new browser so far and will keep you posted but let me know what you use on your system. Am happy to become a browser tart 😉


One Response to “A night with the Opera”

  1. 1 se99jmk

    NICE photo! ;-p

    Wow, I’m amazed Opera gets such a glowing review.. I haven’t used that system in the longest time, not since it seemed to grow exponentially with features and therefore bloat.. but maybe it is fairly snappy?

    Currently rocking out on Google Chrome which thoguh it is the fastest browser I’ve used, it’s far from perfect.. missing the following:
    – availability on OS X and Linux (Chromium is a poor solution ATM)
    – cross system syncing (like Xmarks for FF)

    Does Opera fix one or both of these?

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