On the subject of the year of the Linux desktop


Grumpy old men

This post I found via Planet Ubuntu made me a little sad. It smacks of sour grapes to me which I think is a shame because I honestly don’t think it’s about “winning” or rushing out features like look and feel.

We have a really stable, well supported and free OS to use which I think looks pretty good – see earlier posts. From a user POV and as someone who works in software development I’d always rather have stable than pretty even if I would envy the look of a nice new Mac install. There’s only so much you can do in 6 months and if we’re ever to convince our friends who use Windows or Mac OS that they can switch it’ll be based on e stable solution and not on how pretty it is. If you need reminding of lovely features why not watch the video where I point some of them out!

Might be irksome now but I have never come across a time when it wasn’t worth being stable before pretty. We’re on the right track!


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