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Room to breathe


Whilst I’ve blogged in the past about how good Linux is starting to look the icon sets have been sometimes a bit overlooked. It’s nice to see then that the new Breathe icon set looks brill! I’ve updated my system and it’s looking delightful. This work in progress is well worth a look if you’re […]

This image pinched from an article on how to grow your very own recreate the Firefox logo seemed appropriate as I eat crow, chew on my words and generally back pedal more furiously than an MP trying to justify the cleaning of his moat with taxpayers money. Yesterday I blogged about how awesome Opera was […]

As part of setting up my new ultra portable I wanted to keep my mail and news feeds on the machine for when I’m not near wifi or on a 3G connection. The problem is, as always with Linux. there are a ton of options. I started with the traditional Firefox and Thunderbird combination. A […]

This post I found via Planet Ubuntu made me a little sad. It smacks of sour grapes to me which I think is a shame because I honestly don’t think it’s about “winning” or rushing out features like look and feel. We have a really stable, well supported and free OS to use which I […]