Helping your team with getting things done


To-do list from Flickr
Image by Eatmorechips on Flickr

I was inspired by this article on the clever things that Conky can be made to do in Ubuntu.

In that piece the focus is on how it can be used to display a clock, the date, and Nerd stats like HDD temp and tweets. Hidden away in all this is the humble to-do list which really got me thinking.

What if you were to set this up to work with a ticketing system like Trac? Or an online Calendar? By managing a central list of tasks and meetings members of a team you would have their activities/ key messages/ tasks/ meetings front and centre. In an agency environment like the one I work in this could be a key tool in the management of a small to medium sized project team. Equally in a corporate environment key messages like company meetings or company wide communications could be displayed and managed centrally.

Also, depending on the nature of the work the number of open tickets remaining to completion could be displayed so that as the team works they can all see how everyone else’s contributions are adding to the whole and reducing the number of remaining tasks. It’s a way of using the sort of ambient intimacy that you get through Twitter but in a work/ productivity context.

This could be a very powerful tool but of course I’ve only got it working on Ubuntu. In order for this to work in the wider world I need a Windows and Mac OS solution so more digging is required but I think I might well be on to something!


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