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Saw this article on the BBC news website just now which basically states that from 5000 people the following seemed to be the 10 most confusing tech terms. Dongle – Not sure I’m surprised by this. Old term, always a bit hardcore and I’m not even sure it’s used that often Cookie – Surprised by […]

Image by Eatmorechips on Flickr I was inspired by this article on the clever things that Conky can be made to do in Ubuntu. In that piece the focus is on how it can be used to display a clock, the date, and Nerd stats like HDD temp and tweets. Hidden away in all this […]

There was a comment last week about how ugly the Linux desktop was. The new release of Jaunty has a theme I’ve not looked at before. It’s called Dust and it’s lovely. I’ve included some screens below.

As you know I’m a huge fan of Ubuntu. I’ve been talking about the latest release now for some time, in fact you can see a brief presentation I gave not very long ago at The Team‘s Open Source Show and Tell. We followed that up with a talk to the rest of the company […]