Make your computer like new again!



I like the idea of this! It’s a simple proposition and I like the language they’re using.


This view is less clear – not everyone knows what “cruft” is but still I’m pleased to see more genuinely useful features like this making their way into my new favourite OS 🙂


2 Responses to “Make your computer like new again!”

  1. 1 se99jmk

    Idea of the tool = perfect
    execution = fail whale (fresh install, absolutely first thing I did after setting up WiFi was try this – Error message ‘package missing’)


    That’s not to say this couldn’t be an extremely useful tool in the future, but for an absolutely fresh install using a release version of their software, not beta, it is somewhat concerning..
    On that note, Onyx on OSX does something VERY similar (just choose automation tools), but not found a similar one for windows yet..

    • 2 iaingf

      You’re spot on there chap! Shouldn’t do that out of the box and it does make it a dangerous application but as I said in my presentation this is the way it should be going. Just might not be there just yet 🙂

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