I braved a system update this evening – there were over 200 stacked up so I figured it was time to give it a try. To my delight along with some audio improvements my system boasts new versions of some of the notifications that I was talking about in a previous post.



These notifications are in the same style as is now also used when a user disconnects from a network and while I quite liked the simplicity of the previous ones there’s a lot to be said for this more subtle notification. I also can’t say I’m sad to see the back of the countdown clock. I wasn’t entirely sure it was a feature that users would find useful. It’ll be interesting to see if I find the white text on these grey clouds a userful way of reading important information like network information. It’s fine when the notification is a nice big icon like this but I wonder how useful it will be when there’s a lot of text to read and the background is still quite visible through it. In situations where the information is linked to something in the status bar it can probably be argued that the old way of doing it while less elegant and 2009 is more useful to someone using the system.


While a bit on the ugly side it’s very clear, in a wireframes are sometimes clearer than a final design sorta way.

Also new in this update are the system sounds. Everything I tap/ click or nudge seems to now make a noise. It’s a feature generally only seen in mobile devices to provide some sort of feedback – often in lieu of actual physical feedback from a button or switch. I like it – for now – but wonder if it’ll be something that in time will be turned off.

One more screen grab as while I was posting Mr Lance Armstrong posted something on Twitter and I wanted to explore what posts and notifications from other things might look like. This is a notification from Gnome Do.



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