Day 5?

Check out my fancy desktop!

Check out my fancy desktop!

I guess it’s about that now and well things are going rather well! after much back and forth I have managed to get my wireless at home going – tricky because of our setup too which is covered by a known bug.

As you can see, though, the system is running, I have visual fancy-ness and my work is getting done too! This system is winning me over, I have to say. In spite of my hardcore Mac userness I am finding I’m reaching for this machine instead of the MBP. very odd and I’m sure just because it’s new. We’ll see how it’s doing in a few months time 😉

For now I will simply state the following:


– converted an OTF to TTF for use in a presentation quickly and for free

– pretty visually

– stable – apps are running well and am getting work done


– wifi doesn’t come back up properly when I come out of hibernation

– can’t sleep machine without it dying on wake up

– can’t display on multiple screens – yet 😉

The only blocker is that last one. If I want my presentation to be a success I really need to be able to give it on the machine itself 🙂


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