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I can now totally project things onto a screen! Isn’t that awesome?! Pictures as proof to follow 🙂 Advertisements

Day 5?


I guess it’s about that now and well things are going rather well! after much back and forth I have managed to get my wireless at home going – tricky because of our setup too which is covered by a known bug. As you can see, though, the system is running, I have visual fancy-ness […]

  So Day 3 and we’re up and running! A late night and some assistance from a dear friend meant that once I tried a 32-bit installer instead of a 64-bit one it worked straight off! Not only do I have native graphics resolution and sound but I also have all the apps I wanted […]

Day 2


  Well … I’m making progress. Ubuntu 8.10 wouldn’t install on the machine hanging very early on I think related to Wireless card issues. Suse is now my new best friend and has loaded in no problem! I have a wireless card, it makes noises and I even have the productivity tool I really wanted […]