Goodbye old friend …


Image by Symphonic Knot on Flickr

1948 – 2008

In February this year Polaroid announced that they were to discontinue production of party favourite Polaroid instant film. Well, despite the efforts of campaigns like Save Polaroid it looks like production will cease by 31st December 2008. There are other instant film cameras out there but the square format magic pictures so many of us grew up with will be gone. No more shaking it to make it develop faster, no more “No don’t shake it! I heard you just blow on it”. So this Christmas dig out your old camera from the loft, find some overpriced film in these last 14 days and record Christmas 2008 in the way only Polaroid film can!

My first car - by Iain Farrell

There’s a ton of Flickr groups for sharing polaroid pictures if you’re feeling nostalgic or want to share your efforts 🙂


One Response to “Goodbye old friend …”

  1. 1 symphonicknot

    You can still get lots of in date polaroid film on Ebay. It’s what I’ve been asking for for Christmas/birthdays, and there’s now more of it in my fridge than food (except beer) 🙂

    Also the out of date film can still be good, for unanticipated wacky effect, you never know what you might get!

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