So close!


I use backpack and really like it for managing tasks and other action items. However, sending from my iPhone can be combersome. 

1. Go to Mail app

2. Create new message

3. Select address …

4. Type “todo” in subject

5. Type “* Item 1” etc..

I wanted to be able to jump straight to point 5 from my home screen so I created a simple HTML page. This one in fact.

Going here will pop up your mail client with all the relevant information populated all lovely. Go ahead and send a to do mail, new line for each item a * followed by a space and the task. 

Next head on over to the backpack page I’ve set up – I’ve made this public.

Now, you’ll most likely observe that your items are there almost straight away. And that’s ace! That’s exactly what I want. Except! When I use the shortcut from the homepage of my iPhone the task in most cases never shows up. Either that or it takes an age to get there. What gives? What makes it weirder is that if I go the long way round and start the mail app and enter it all manually it comes through almost straight away even though I’m using the same information. It’s driving me mad?! Any thoughts are welcome. I am wondering if it’s something to do with the way the phone sends mail when you trigger the mail sending from the browser or another app instead of properly through the mail app. Maybe mail has priority or something.


And now of course it seems to be working perfectly! ARGHHG!!HG! 🙂


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