Cinderella boy …


So here in the MOO studio I’ve decided to have an unofficial GTD-off! Stef came in this morning and extolled the virtues of his GTD applications on his desktop and iPhone. Their tight integration with each other and the fact that he’s now dependent on these tools but feels they’re really helping him to Get Things Done


It’s like Rocky vs. Drago!

Iain’s tools of choice
37 Signals Backpack!  

I use a basic $5 a month account to store pages for multiple projects and share them with the people on my team. Thanks to a cheeky little app called Fluid I’ve made an application out of my backpack pages. This means I can alt-tab to it just like any desktop application. From my iPhone or desktop I can also mail to-dos or lists of things to the pages using the e-mail address that each page has. 

Total cost $5 a month!


Stef’s tools of choice

Omnigroup are awesome and have built a suite of productivity tools called Omnifocus. This application is available for desktop and iPhone and can sync wirelessly using Mobile Me or another disk storage provider like BingoDisk

Total cost $80 (desktop version) + $20 (iPhone app) + $100 (Mobile Me) + $20 BingoDisk**

I’ll be prodding Stef for his thoughts in a week’s time to see how he’s getting on with his tools and I’ll make a concerted effort to document mine and we’ll see what features of the two work well for us and what doesn’t. In particular I’m interested to see how much more Stef might use his because there’s a dedicated app on his phone as opposed to me having to launch an e-mail to the page from my mail app. 

Watch this space …

** UPDATE – 14:22

I am of course secretly hoping that the low-fi version is just as good if less integrated and I am of course gutted that Stef’s price has come down by $80 because he’s using BingoDisk 🙂


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