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This is brilliant! I want one of them very badly! This article is the cause. Advertisements

GTD tattoo


  The to-do tattoo Brilliant! Thanks J&S. Best GTD birthday pressie evah!  



Stef has accepted my challenge and has vowed to get his blog moved over to WordPress in an effort to get blogging more and talking more about this whole GTD thing. My system seems to be working well at the moment. I’m also dragging anyone who’ll listen into the silly argument 🙂 I don’t actually […]

Best iPod evah



    So Microsoft have done what they should have done in the first place and instead of trying to outweird the Apple campaign but have actually produced this advert. It may all be advertising rhetoric and bollocks but I think it’s nice to remind us that people all over the place use “computers” to […]



“Writing Things Down” is the exciting new productivity technique from James Thomson of TLA Systems.  Cost $5 (Pen) + $10 (Reem of laser printer paper) His system uses one sheet a week and one pen a year. He writes his tasks down and them moves them to a new sheet when that’s too tatty. James […]

So here in the MOO studio I’ve decided to have an unofficial GTD-off! Stef came in this morning and extolled the virtues of his GTD applications on his desktop and iPhone. Their tight integration with each other and the fact that he’s now dependent on these tools but feels they’re really helping him to Get […]